We offer a wide range of services especially for Credit Unions. We are already dealing with over 300 Credit Union outlets throughout the Northwest. Please get in touch to find out more.

Hold seminars

We supply “How To” Classes in auto-buying. These help your members be prepared for the entire auto-buying process, from test drives to loan signing with you, the Credit Union. We have been doing the classes for over 20 years and members love them. See more

New & Used Car-buying

We provide your members with the best auto-buying experience while ensuring you keep the loan. Your member will never have to visit a car dealership and you will never lose a loan. We have been keeping Credit Unions and their members happy for over twenty years


PrePo™ is simply an automotive short-sale. Sound good? Here’s how it works.

Statement stuffers

We supply statement stuffers (at no charge to you) in any quantity for your members and branches. You order, we supply.

We Buy Your Repos

Many Credit Unions sell repossessions directly to Auto Solution. Before or after repossession, you establish an auction price and call us. We review the vehicle and purchase it if we can offer you more than auction price. You net more money and save huge on reconditioning, re-marketing, and auction costs. Another win-win.

Consigning Your Repos

Consign your repossessions. Save auction fees and net $1000 to $1500 more per car. Simple and effective.

All in all Auto Solution is a turnkey solution for Credit Unions seeking a member-friendly option. Call Mark Loebner at 503-789-4477 or email mark@cu-autosolution.com